About us

We are a small spin-out company based in Poland specializing in development of software for TEM diffraction pattern analysis. We come from Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences (www.imim.pl) with which we are strongly associated. Currently, two people are involved in the development of the company: Prof. Krzysztof Sztwiertnia and Dr Krzysztof Kudłacz. At the moment our main offer is a computer program called CSpot. This is an interactive software for simulation, indexing and analysis of various types of TEM diffraction patterns. CSpot is available as a single package, or as three distinct programs, each dedicated for different type of diffraction pattern: eSpot for spot patterns, eRing for ring (polycrystalline) patterns and KLine for Kikuchi patterns

If you have a question, contac us: crystorient@gmail.com.