Here you can download programs (demo versions), some example data and subset of compiled crystallography open database (COD) containing almost 11 000 entries. Demo versions are limited to cubic structures and can handle only one structure at the time. The programs run under Windows operating systems (Win7 or higher) and require .NET Framework 4.5 freely available here. If you are using Windows 7 or higher you should have it installed already.


Software* Sample data**
CSpot CSpot examples
eSpot eSpot examples
eRing eRing examples
KLine KLine examples


*Installation packages (msi files)

**Download and unpack it (zip files).


How to use data:

  1. To load diffraction pattern go to “File → Open Pattern (Bitmap)”, change file filter if necessary (e.g., “*.png”) and select the file
  2. To load microscope settings go to: “Settings → Microscope → Load” and select file. Microscope setting files contain information on the microscope operating conditions and diffraction pattern simulation parameters (e.g., maximal Miller index, intensity threshold, etc.)
  3. To index example diffraction patterns (spot or Kikuchi) go to “Indexing → Manual detection & indexing” to activate the indexing panel and load example diffraction reflections - click right mouse button to see the associated menu and then click “Load points” (for spot patterns) or “Load lines” (for Kikuchi patterns) and select the file

Some help you can find in the user’s guide (Help → User’s guide)





As mentioned, each program can work with Crystallography Open Database ( The installation procedure is described in the user's guide. Here you can download a compiled subset of COD.


In order to install it, unpack the file, then go to "Database →COD Manager → Install COD", click open file icon, in the open file dialog, change file filter to ".ini", select "dbc.ini" file and click "Install Crystallography Open Database".






There is also CSpot trial version avaliable on request (i.e., full version with limited number of start-ups and working for a limited period of time). If you want to receive CSpot trial version contact us.